dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Bounty EYES

Kate Bosworth's eyes just remind me of an Bounty Island. The green/blue sea and Brown Palmtrees. Totally stunning!

woensdag 4 augustus 2010

Stems of sense

The grass were really high and I had to clean all the tiles out.. I made some pics before. It wasnt a real nice job but someone had to do it.

vrijdag 30 juli 2010

Walking in the Garden..


Shirt: Zara Cardigan: H&M Trousers: Paul Smith Shoes: OXS Glasses: Ray Ban (Aviator)
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donderdag 29 juli 2010


Is it true?
Does Lara do Playboy France ?
I hope so... That would totally be a edgy and sexy just the way she is!

woensdag 30 juni 2010

I'm trying to act serious..


The first day with Sun.
There were no leaves yet on the trees..
But the Sun was shining and the vibes was great!
Location: Amsterdam, 9straatjes/Single
Under a tree next to the canal!
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(Denim jacket: H&M Trousers: H&M T-Shirt: Paul Smith NeckChain: Girbaud Shoes: Clark Trench: Primark)

Mister, I can look through your shirt!

This is what I saw on all men shows. the see trought shirt. Personally I love it. Last Summer i bought some from Zara. but they are not as beautiful as the designers did this season.

First row:
1,2:Givenchy 3,4: Versace
Second row:
1,2:Gucci 3:Hermes 4:Jean Paul Gaultier
Third row:
1,2: Paul Smith 3,4: Burberry Prorsum
Fourth row:
1,2: Louis Vuitton 3,4: Etro

dinsdag 15 juni 2010

Got the London look?

Georgia May Jagger
Daughter of Mick yes she is. She really rocks those red lips and i'm totally addicted to the gap between her teeth. The first time I saw her was in the Rimmel commercial. She looks amazing! She reminds me a little of a mixture between Lara Stone and Brigitte Bardot!

maandag 7 juni 2010

My love to Etro.

You have to see this. I know for sure i'm going to do the same with a white t-shirt..

The 21th of June im going to Milan for the milan fashion week to the Etro show. Im so excited! I can't wait.

vrijdag 4 juni 2010

Let me tell u about the Birds and the Bees....

This shoot is from i-D magazine. The model is Bregje Heinen she is an 17y. old Dutch model. She has done a lot of great shows and is the face of the new Topshop campagne. I think her lips are amazing and she is gonna be a supermodel one day. About the shoot i like the fact of a beekeeper/fancy lady in her sparetime.

woensdag 2 juni 2010

Summer of Prada

I totally love the way Miuccia is looking this summer.
The beach prints on womens dresses and the sober colors on the man.
The site is also Amazing! The pictures are all design in to graphic artworks. And its very clear and easy.
The only thing im not a huge fan of is the orange glossy stuff on there lips. I totally recommend to visit the site the pictures are beautifull so as the show.


dinsdag 25 mei 2010

Funny story?

The End of the World (or at Least the Seating Chart) as We Know It
Last September, the delicate microcosm that is a fashion show imploded. Formerly front-row guests found themselves shuffled to row two (or worse), while heretofore uninvited attendees (read: bloggers) claimed the ringside seats. The inevitable backlash came when Tavi wore a gallon-sized bow hat in the front row of the Christian Dior Haute Couture show in January. The chapeau in question (a personal gift from Stephen Jones, naturally) and the resulting disgruntlement elicited this response on Tavi's Style Rookie blog: "Dudes, it is a HAT. And I'm SHORT. So watching the show behind me would be like watching it through a regular-sized adult, but better, because adult heads do not have holes in them." Point taken.


maandag 24 mei 2010

maandag 17 mei 2010

The Coat!

Im in love with this coat since the moment i saw it. Ive been looking in vintagestores and stuff to find it but its very hard.
So if u have some tips ure very welcome!
The Kooks are amazing!

vrijdag 7 mei 2010


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dinsdag 4 mei 2010

Beautiful Pregnant

This is Sexy and Fierce! the best pregnancy wear i have ever seen.

woensdag 28 april 2010

The Ugly Duckling

Remember that annoying 10 year old who is sitting next to Oprah chatting like a old lady. So annoying! Well she is turned in to a sexy lady!
Hope she gets a little less mature and acts more like her age...

dinsdag 27 april 2010

I love u park!

The Weather is getting better in Holland.. The trees are getting green and the flowers begin to bloom. The park is the right spot to chill and relax. Real Spring feelings!

donderdag 22 april 2010


I think i found myself a new love..
I didnt know Christian were making shoes for men but than I discovered these shoes!
And I want them so badly. He is one of the most greatest shoemaker in the world. They are so refined but with enough toughness. Loves those studs.

maandag 19 april 2010

Paul Smith

I could not imagion..
One show so many good looks.
I'm loving it!
The tuxedo with the tracksuit bottoms and the black cape are my favorites. it gives me a lot of inspiration. The matt fabrics and the soft silky shine. the knitwear is Also stunning. But first i want my promissed summer!!!

woensdag 14 april 2010

maandag 12 april 2010


I really love this picture of Bianca Balti. Have u ever seen A HOLY MOM like this? And look at the wasp.

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zondag 11 april 2010


finally I've got my new Sunglasses
Ray Ban ClubMaster im so happy!

woensdag 31 maart 2010

Wowem in the forest

U know the princess stories about Cinderella, Beauty and the beats, Snowwhite and Sleepingbeauty. Well they all were poor in the beginning but they still had those gorgeous dresses. But not the silky once with Sparkels. But those dresses from cotton and wool. they run in the forest with it and finding there prince charming. I think some designer were inspired by that and made their collection out of it.
Fendi & Louis Vuitton

woensdag 3 maart 2010

maandag 15 februari 2010



I had no idea since just now. I was in London for a view days to shop and saw flowers in front of his store. I had no clue that he died.
now i put on the tellie and saw the terrible news.

Rest in Peace
You're fashion will be alive

dinsdag 2 februari 2010


The Balans of the softness and toughness is amazing.

The Chloé show is for some boring for me its elegant.
Easy sandals and soft khaki fabrics. The models walked like dusty clouds on the catwalk. Very natural and basic.